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y time.Sun Peirui, 10, drew a picture of a golden lion which was put on the wall. Ho▓wever, he stopped coming to class when he became too weak due to a new phase of chemotherapy. His parents had abandoned him after divorcing. A welfare hom

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e took him in and sent him to Beijing from▓ his hometown Shandong Province for treatment▓ last year.His nose bleeds frequently for up to an hour. His mouth is full of sores, making▓ it hard to eat."He missed t

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  • havioral problems in class, he guides them to correct immediately.

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he class very much and as▓ked me when he could return," says care worker Bu Xiurong, 62.Many college students have helped as teachers, but they can't know parenting.Lyu Wanxin, a sophomore stu▓dent volunteer, w

as impressed by a boy who cried at having to wear his mask. L▓yu failed to pacify him. "The job needs more than I expected," he says.Doctors and nurs

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  • hem. However, they have just 17 full-time or part-time teachers like Liu Weixiong.The pupils a▓lso include children with cancer and kidney diseases, who need long-term treatment.Liu Zhengchen plans to expand the faculty and provide more courses fo

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  • r different school ages."I ho▓pe we can help more children with serious illnesses maintain their learning and social adapt▓ability, so they can return to normal life as soon as possi▓ble."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan

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says Liu. "We want to hel p them fight the disease, bu
圫he lowered her head and leaned on her mother. She did not say anything, but followed the teachers' instruction
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